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This annotated bibliography is reformatted and customized by the Center for Positive Practices.  Some of the authors featured on this page include American School and University, Stephen E. Rada, Donald W. Green, William F. Coleman, Elaine LeVine, Charlene Strickland, Neal Singer, Edward Seifert, Weewish Tree, and W. E. Red.

School Foodservice Journal (1972). The Cup-Can Approach. Answers questions about the approach, tells the story of how the program works in the San Diego Mission School in New Mexico, and gives information on those companies in industry that manufacture products meeting USDA specifications. Descriptors: Breakfast Programs, Food Service, Food Standards, Hunger

Green, Donald W.; And Others (1978). Community Service in a Semirural Community College, New Directions for Community Colleges. Examines the community services component of New Mexico Junior College, its impact on the semirural community, the institutional changes implemented, the faculty's attitudes toward the change, and key ingredients in planning and organizing the change.   [More]  Descriptors: College Role, Community Colleges, Community Services, Organizational Change

LeVine, Elaine; And Others (1981). A Cojoint Operant Model for Assisting Profoundly Behaviorally Disordered Adolescents, Adolescence. Describes a community treatment program cojointly administered by a New Mexico local school district, university, and mental health center. The program is designed to facilitate the adoption of personal and academic skills among profoundly behaviorally disordered adolescents. Descriptors: Academic Ability, Adolescents, Behavior Modification, Behavior Problems

Red, W. E. (1981). Problem Solving and Beginning Engineering Students, Engineering Education. Describes a course module designed to instruct beginning engineering students at the University of New Mexico in problem-solving methodology as suggested by Polya (understand, plan, carry out, look back).   [More]  Descriptors: Abstract Reasoning, College Science, Course Descriptions, Curriculum Development

Kempter, Albert (1984). Reading Instruction for Southwest Indian Children: Sociolinguistic Considerations and Recommended Practices, Journal of Clinical Reading: Research and Programs. Reports on the writer's experiences at the public schools in Magdalena, New Mexico. Attempts to identify several linguistic and social traits of Southwest Indian children and to recommend appropriate instructional practices for addressing these students' reading needs. Descriptors: American Indians, English (Second Language), Instructional Effectiveness, Instructional Improvement

Coleman, William F. (1981). A Topics Course on Chemical Application of Lasers, Journal of Chemical Education. Describes a topics course offered at the University of New Mexico entitled "Lasers in Chemistry," which is designed for beginning graduate students and advanced undergraduates in all areas of chemistry. Descriptors: Chemistry, College Science, Course Descriptions, Graduate Study

American School and University (1982). Sunshine in Socorro. The Macey Center is a solar-heated theater built to combine the conference, drama, and fine arts facilities at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.   [More]  Descriptors: Arts Centers, Auditoriums, Conferences, Drama

Parezo, Nancy J. (1982). Navajo Sandpaintings: The Importance of Sex Roles in Craft Production, American Indian Quarterly. Looks at the commercialization of sandpainting by the Navajo Indians of Arizona and New Mexico with minimal division of labor to see how important sex was as a factor in its development.   [More]  Descriptors: American Indian Culture, Artists, Commercial Art, Females

Strickland, Charlene (1990). Intergenerational Reading: Encouraging the Grandlap, Wilson Library Bulletin. Demonstrates the benefits of intergenerational reading to children, seniors, parents, and libraries, and surveys library programs in Arizona, California, and New Mexico that mix generations with books and reading. The programs described vary from scheduled to spontaneous. Descriptors: Children, Childrens Libraries, Grandparents, Intergenerational Programs

Education Journal of the Institute for the Development of Indian Law (1973). Indian Legal Service Field Spans Wide Scope of Action. The Native American Legal Defense and Education Fund, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is directed toward cases which involve education, civil rights, equal employment opportunities, Indian land problems, health services, and tribal sovereignty.   [More]  Descriptors: American Indians, Civil Rights, Community Control, Court Litigation

Leap, William L. (1974). On Grammaticality in Native American English: The Evidence from Isleta, International Journal of the Sociology of Language. This paper considers some aspects of sentence construction characteristic of the variety of English spoken at Isleta pueblo, an Indian community located fifteen miles south of Albuquerque, New Mexico.   [More]  Descriptors: American Indian Languages, American Indians, Dialect Studies, English (Second Language)

Shahinpoor, Mohsen; Singer, Neal (1985). A New Robotics Instructional Laboratory, Technological Horizons in Education. An instructional robotics laboratory that is unique in the United States was created in 1984 at the University of New Mexico. Descriptions of the laboratory, course work offered, student projects, and other areas are provided. Descriptors: Course Descriptions, Engineering, Engineering Education, Higher Education

Weewish Tree (1974). A Pueblo Ladder. A small museum located on a Northwestern New Mexico Pueblo Indian ruin contains a Pueblo Indian ladder. The materials, construction, use, and durability of the ladder are given.   [More]  Descriptors: American Indians, Building Design, Building Innovation, Construction (Process)

Rada, Stephen E. (1979). KIPC-FM Pueblo Indian Radio: Case Study of a Failure, Journalism Quarterly. Discusses and draws lessons from the failure of KIPC-FM, the radio station of the All Indian Pueblo Council (AIPC) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which operated from January 1976 to September 1977. Descriptors: American Indians, Failure, Federal Regulation, Financial Problems

Seifert, Edward (1982). Personnel Practices in Small Schools, Small School Forum. Reports results of a five-state survey of 331 small school superintendents from Arkansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas which studied techniques and plans of action for teacher recruitment and teacher maintenance.   [More]  Descriptors: Incentives, Rural Areas, Small Schools, Teacher Certification

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