About Us

We are an association of educational consultants dedicated to the vision and mission of the Center for Positive Practices. We intend to stay a small group, including associate consultants on a project-by-project basis. Our list of permanent, senior consultants all have considerable experience and graduate degrees or training in their respective fields.

What we do

CPP offers research, evaluation, program development, technical assistance, and website design and development services to organizations and systems. Most of its staff have served on numerous projects sponsored by various national, regional, and state-level agencies and organizations, including the U.S. Department of Education, state-level commissions and education agencies, school districts, university programs, and philanthropic foundations.

Since 2000, we have organized teams of professional consultants to carry out both small- and large-scale projects and activities. We offer research, evaluation, program development and technical assistance to organizations and systems throughout the country. CPP also retains proprietary software for collecting and managing data, indexing content, and producing bibliographic databases. This unique software is also used for developing and maintaining high-quality, high-content educational web sites.


The Center for Positive Practices exists to assist organizations and social systems in presenting, planning, implementing, and evaluating programmatic and systemwide practices to better meet the needs of their stakeholders. We seek to work together with all sectors in society to find positive solutions to systemic problems. We emphasize culturally sensitive methods and collaboration between our clients and ourselves.