TSAS Technical Support Letters

We know that teachers are real busy and the most important thing is for teachers to focus on improving the education of all children in our communities, on a daily basis.  And, thank you for your continuing dedication and commitment.

Because your TSAS results contain a lot of data, we recommend that you review the contents of your letter and your school and district TSAS results in bite-sized chunks. Please don't toss it into the round file just yet, as we're going to need you to respond to the provocative propositions (double entendre intended) contained in the documents on a subsequent basis. We think that sending your a letter is a new way (okay, old fashioned way) of communicating personally with you that takes into account your availability and schedules, and gives you some time to reflect upon its contents.

At the same time, we hope that the contents of your results help to generate or stimulate professional conversations about strategic planning within each school.

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