Bibliography: Bilingual Education (page 560 of 829)

This annotated bibliography is reformatted and customized by the Center for Positive Practices.  Some of the authors featured on this page include Kevin J. Swick, Maria Luisa Alvarez Harvey, Mari-Luci Jaramillo, American School Board Journal, Maggie Bruck, Merrill Swain, Nancy Naumann, Barbara Luetke, Perry A. Zirkel, and Pat Marjama.

Pialorsi, Frank (1977). Some Aspects of Bilingualism for the English Teacher, English Journal. Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Bilingualism, Educational Theories, English Instruction

Cordasco, Francesco (1975). Spanish Speaking Children in American Schools, International Migration Review. Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Educational Improvement, Educational Legislation, Non English Speaking

Watts, G. H.; McGaw, B. (1975). Innovation and Research in Australian Education, Australian Journal of Education. This article provided brief accounts of significant current innovation and research in Australia. Descriptors: Behavior Patterns, Bilingual Education, Children, Educational Experiments

Jaramillo, Mari-Luci (1975). Ongoing Teacher Preparation, Today's Education. Innovative programs for the preparation of bilingual teachers both in schools of education and in public school in-service programs are described. Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Bilingual Schools, Bilingual Teachers, Higher Education

Luetke, Barbara (1976). Questionnaire Results from Mexican-American Parents of Hearing Impaired Children in the United States, American Annals of the Deaf. Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Exceptional Child Research, Hearing Impairments, Mexican Americans

Swick, Kevin J.; Shepherd, Terry R. (1975). Program Objectives for Bilingual, Multicultural Populations, Reading Improvement. Sets forth the basic goals for a functional bilingual, multicultural educational program that involves the total community in the educational process. Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Educational Objectives, Educational Programs, Elementary Education

Marjama, Pat (1975). Success in a Bilingual First Grade, Hispania. A successful bilingual English/Spanish program for Puerto Rican elementary school children in Rochester, New York, is described. The program placed particular emphasis on reading instruction. Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Bilingual Students, Bilingual Teachers, Elementary Education

Bruck, Maggie; Swain, Merrill (1976). Research Conference on Immersion Education for the Majority Child: Introduction, Canadian Modern Language Review. A conference was held in Montreal in November 1975 which focused on research related to the immersion approach to second language teaching. Background information and purposes of the conference are given. Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Conferences, FLES, French

Salganik, Laura Hersh (1975). Fox Point: The History of a Portugese Bilingual Program, Inequality in Education. Descriptors: Biculturalism, Bilingual Education, Cultural Pluralism, Elementary Education

American School Board Journal (1976). Washington's Message to School Boards: Find a Way to Educate Non-English-Speaking Students or Lose Federal Funds. Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Elementary Secondary Education, Federal Legislation, Federal Programs

Alano, Angeles C. (1977). Collect, Adapt and Use Varied Reading Materials, Reading Teacher. Offers suggestions to help teachers, especially bilingual teachers, adapt and rewrite reading materials that can guide children through the desired emotional and intellectual experiences. Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Reading Instruction, Reading Material Selection, Story Telling

Naumann, Nancy (1976). We Got a New Kid and He Don't Speak English, Learning. The author relates the difficulties and rewards to herself and to her class of having a non-English-speaking student as a member of their group. Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Elementary Education, English (Second Language), Second Language Learning

Harvey, Maria Luisa Alvarez (1974). Teach Spanish to Black Students? Make it Relevant! Make it Black!, Journal of Negro Education. One effective manual of combatting black students' indifference to foreign language learning and to Spanish in particular is to use materials that are relevant to their interest and experience. Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Language Instruction, Language Programs, Language Teachers

Gonzalez-Mena, Janet (1976). English as a Second Language for Preschool Children, Young Children. It is suggested that any second language program for young children be based on the following principles: Children are motivated to learn a second language because of language relationships with others; young children need a total development program within a language program; and children learn by doing. Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Early Childhood Education, English (Second Language), Language Acquisition

Zirkel, Perry A. (1975). Spanish-Speaking Students, English-Only Schools, and the Law, NOLPE School Law Journal. Reviews the legislative and judicial history of state and federal laws relevant to the education of Spanish-speaking students and attempts to provide legally operational definitions of important terms and concepts related to the provision of equal educational opportunities for such students. Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Court Litigation, Definitions, Educational Legislation

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