Bibliography: Bilingual Education (page 267 of 829)

This annotated bibliography is reformatted and customized by the Center for Positive Practices.  Some of the authors featured on this page include David A. Stewart, William P. Foster, Martha M. McCarthy, Eileen M. Muench, Jeffrey W. Kobrick, John Macnamara, D. Eric Black, Alison D'Anglejan, Ellen Bouchard Ryan, and G. R. Tucker.

Tucker, G. R.; D'Anglejan, Alison (1971). Some Thoughts Concerning Bilingual Education Programs, Modern Language Journal. Preparation of the manuscript was supported in part by grants from the Canada Council and the (Canadian) Defence Research Board. Discusses advancements made in bilingual programs in the U. S. and Canada. Descriptors: Biculturalism, Bilingual Education, Bilingual Students, Bilingualism

Yorio, Carlos A. (1988). Bilingual Education: Getting It All Together, Equity and Excellence. Discusses the author's experience as director of the Program in English as a Second Language (ESL) at Lehman College of the City University in the Bronx, New York. ESL, bilingual, and mainstream (ie., curricula that assume English proficiency) programs should be better coordinated to meet their common goal. Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Bilingual Education Programs, College Students, Curriculum Development

Moore, Fernie Baca; Parr, Gerald D. (1978). Models of Bilingual Education: Comparisons of Effectiveness, Elementary School Journal. Measures and compares the effectiveness of four programs in one school district: a maintenance bilingual program, a transitional bilingual program, a minimal bilingual program, and a nonbilingual program. Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Bilingual Education, Comparative Analysis, Elementary Education

Kobrick, Jeffrey W. (1972). The Compelling Case for Bilingual Education, Saturday Review (New York 1952). Descriptors: Biculturalism, Bilingual Education, Bilingual Students, Cultural Background

Stewart, David A. (1983). Bilingual Education: Teachers' Opinions of Signs, Sign Language Studies. Teachers were surveyed for their opinions of Signed English and American Sign Language. Of the 85 responses, most felt that deaf children should begin signing as early as possible, use Signed English as their base language, and eventually be bilingual in the sign languages. It was also felt that teachers should be bilingual. Descriptors: American Sign Language, Bilingual Education, Bilingual Teachers, Comparative Analysis

Blanco, George M. (1977). Competencies Needed by Bilingual Education Teachers, Educational Leadership. Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Elementary Education, Teacher Characteristics, Teacher Qualifications

McCarthy, Martha M. (1981). Bilingual Education: Legal Issues and Implications, Journal of Educational Equity and Leadership. Reviews legal activity since the "Lau" decision that has focused on obligations of school districts to address the needs of English deficient students. Explores the decision's implications for further federal and state roles in establishing educational policy.   [More]  Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Court Litigation, Elementary Secondary Education, Federal Government

Macnamara, John (1972). Perspectives on Bilingual Education in Canada, Canadian Psychologist. Research supported in part by the Gendron Commission and the Canada Council.   [More]  Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Bilingualism, Educational Legislation, English

NJEA Review (1975). The New World of Bilingual Education. Bilingual teachers must possess specialized understandings, says the author, and skills far beyond those which are expected of all teachers. Article further stressed the need for bilingual teachers to be "certified above and beyond regular certification requirements". Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Bilingual Teachers, Educational Objectives, English (Second Language)

Ryan, Ellen Bouchard; Muench, Eileen M. (1972). Bilingual Education Act: Implications For Teachers, Notre Dame Journal of Education.   [More]  Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Educational Legislation, Educational Policy, History

Black, D. Eric (1971). Bilingual Education for Nation's Spanish Speaking, InterAmerican Scene. Article presented in Spanish and English versions. Descriptors: Biculturalism, Bilingual Education, Bilingual Students, Bilingualism

Crandall, JoAnn (1982). The Role of ESL in Bilingual Education, Metas. Discusses theories and practices that distinguish English as a Second Language Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Curriculum, Elementary Secondary Education, English (Second Language)

Zirkel, Perry A. (1977). The Legal Vicissitudes of Bilingual Education, Phi Delta Kappan. Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Court Litigation, Educational History, Elementary Secondary Education

Swain, Merrill; Lapkin, Sharon (1981). Bilingual Education in Ontario: A Decade of Research. This report constitutes a synthesis of 10 years of research which was conducted to assist Ontario boards of education in implementing and evaluating French immersion programs in their jurisdictions. The immersion programs evaluated include three major alternatives: (1) the early total French immersion programs of the Carleton, Ottawa, and Toronto Boards of Education; (2) the early partial French immersion program of the Elgin County Board of Education; and (3) the late partial French immersion program of the Peel County Board of Education. Reference is also made to evaluations of similar immersion programs evaluated by other researchers in Ontario and throughout Canada. The report includes a description of the programs and information on the characteristics of some other bilingual education programs found in Ontario. In addition, the following information is provided: (1) discussion of the specific research questions and the research design; (2) presentation of the evaluation findings concerning the linguistic effects; (3) presentation of the findings on the academic effects; and (4) discussion of some social and psychological dimensions of French immersion programs. A bibliography is included on immersion education in Canada and the United States. Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Bilingual Education, Elementary Secondary Education, Immersion Programs

Foster, William P. (1976). Bilingual Education: An Educational and Legal Survey, Journal of Law and Education. Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Court Litigation, Educational Policy, Educational Programs

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