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This annotated bibliography is reformatted and customized by the Center for Positive Practices.  Some of the authors featured on this page include David P. Benseler, Zili Li, Lilian G. Katz, Linda L. McCleary, Isabel Schon, Jean-Charles Seigneuret, Wolfgang Butzkamm, Ditza L. Oren, David Birdsong, and Leonard Olguin.

Oren, Ditza L. (1981). Cognitive Advantages of Bilingual Children Related to Labeling Ability, Journal of Educational Research. Three tests were conducted to contrast the ability of bilingual and monolingual children to label and relabel objects. The findings show that bilingual subjects were significantly better than monolingual subjects, supporting the view that preschool bilingual education stimulates children's cognitive development, and enhances their self-concept. Descriptors: Bilingualism, Classification, Cognitive Development, Concept Formation

Applegate, Jimmie R.; McCleary, Linda L. (1982). Teacher Supply: Shortage or Surplus?, Phi Delta Kappan. A survey of the state directors of teacher education and certification and a geographically representative group of 100 colleges and universities revealed regional trends in the supply of and demand for teachers. Teacher shortages already exist in certain regions and in specific disciplines, such as math and bilingual education. Descriptors: Educational Trends, Elementary Secondary Education, Futures (of Society), National Surveys

Torres, Arnoldo (1986). English-Only Movement Fosters Divisiveness, Interracial Books for Children Bulletin. The English-Only movement attacks bilingual education and attempts to have English declared the official language of the U.S. Feeding on the fear and anger many experience when dealing with non-English speakers, the movement provides no positive direction but draws on and encourages racism and bigotry. Descriptors: Bilingualism, Educational Policy, English (Second Language), Language Attitudes

Brodinsky, Ben (1981). Major Education Events–1980, NJEA Review. This unofficial selection for the Educational Press Association cites President Reagan's election and the incoming Republican administration; controversies over bilingual education and school prayer; the influx of refugee children; and the trend toward mastery learning as the major educational events of 1980. Descriptors: Current Events, Educational Trends, Elementary Secondary Education, Federal Government

Ricken, Robert (1990). Improving American Education: Another Perspective. A "Bulletin" Special, NASSP Bulletin. To achieve lasting educational improvement in the face of rapid social change, this article suggests that disciplinary progression (toward increasing restriction) be instituted, that teachers adopt evening office hours, that bilingual education be abolished, that minimal standards be adopted, that instructional objectives be revamped, and that a national teacher examination be developed. Descriptors: Change Strategies, Educational Improvement, Educational Trends, Elementary Secondary Education

Cummins, James (1979). Linguistic Interdependence and the Educational Development of Bilingual Children, Review of Educational Research. Bilingualism, to be cognitively and academically beneficial, must be based on adequately developed first language skills. Two hypotheses, developmental interdependence and threshold, are integrated into a bilingual education model which treats background, child input, and educational treatment to explain educational outcomes. Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Bilingual Students, Cognitive Development, Educational Research

Katz, Lilian G. (1993). From Our President: A National Goals Wish List, Young Children. Presents a wish list for the Clinton administration. Wishes concern compensation for child care workers; discontinuance of the nation's tendency to compete with other countries in the educational arena; rejection of cost effectiveness as a criterion for justifying educational programs; bilingual education; and guaranteed justice for all children. Descriptors: Bilingualism, Competition, Cost Effectiveness, Early Childhood Education

Birdsong, David, Comp. (1976). American Doctoral Dissertations in Foreign Language Education, 1965-1974: An Annotated Bibliography. CAL-ERIC/CLL Series on Languages and Linguistics, No. 36. This nonselective, nonevaluative annotated bibliography compiles and synopsizes the mass of American doctoral dissertations written in the field of foreign language education between 1965 and 1974. Dissertations dealing primarily with allied fields such as bilingual education and English as a second language are excluded from this listing, but will be included in a later bibliography in the same series.   [More]  Descriptors: Annotated Bibliographies, Doctoral Dissertations, Educational Research, Elementary Secondary Education

Olguin, Leonard (1976). Notes from a Teacher's Journal, La Confluencia. An adaptation of part of Mr. Olguin's speech given at the New Mexico Association for Bilingual Education meetings, this article presents some of his observations on the ways students and teachers from different cultures can make life difficult for each other. One of the ways is the tone range used by teachers when addressing students. Descriptors: Cultural Awareness, Cultural Differences, Intonation, Responses

NJEA Review (1982). Budget Cuts: A Look at Cuts on the State and National Levels. New Jersey state and national educational program budget cutbacks for the 1982 and 1983 fiscal years are surveyed. Elementary and secondary school funds are discussed with regard to Title I; vocational, adult, handicapped, and bilingual education; library funds; and Title VI desegregation funds. Governor Kean's proposals are compared. Descriptors: Educational Finance, Elementary Secondary Education, Federal Aid, Federal Legislation

Ferrari, Josephine (1980). Les enfants et le theatre (Children and the Theater), Francais dans le Monde. Describes a project involving the presentation of "Le petit prince" as an exercise in dramatics by children in a French-Italian bilingual education class. Two steps in the process are discussed: (1) the study of the text, and (2) the activities involved in getting the play ready for performance. Descriptors: Class Activities, Classroom Techniques, Dramatics, Elementary Secondary Education

Seigneuret, Jean-Charles, Ed.; Benseler, David P., Ed. (1972). Reports from the Fall Regional Conferences [of the Washington Association of Foreign Language Teachers], W.A.F.L.T. Forum. Reports and papers from the Fall 1971 regional meetings of the Washington Association of Foreign Language Teachers (WAFLT) are compiled in this document. Topics focus on individualized instruction, bilingual education, language teaching abroad, administrator attitudes, and reports from the WAFLT French and German sections.   [More]  Descriptors: Conference Reports, French, German, Individualized Instruction

Gonzalez, Juan (1982). Puerto Ricans on the Mainland: Breaking Away from Benign Neglect, Perspectives: The Civil Rights Quarterly. Puerto Ricans on the United States mainland face problems of discrimination, poverty, unemployment, poor working conditions, cutbacks in bilingual education funds, poor housing, housing displacement, and discriminatory treatment by the justice system. Alliances are being forged among various Puerto Rican groups in a growing movement to demand equality for Puerto Ricans. Descriptors: Activism, Civil Rights, Community Action, Community Organizations

Schon, Isabel; Li, Zili (1991). What Educators Think about Using Books in Spanish (a Survey) (Open to Suggestion), Journal of Reading. Surveys California educators (teachers, principals, school librarians, and bilingual education coordinators) on attitudes regarding books in Spanish in school. Finds that positive attitudes toward having and using books in Spanish in public schools are closely associated with, and may be determined by, the percentage of Hispanic students in the school. Descriptors: Bilingual Students, Educational Research, Elementary School Students, Elementary Secondary Education

Butzkamm, Wolfgang; Dodson, C. J. (1980). The Teaching of Communication: From Theory to Practice, International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching. Aims to give the teacher a practical framework which can be used in the classroom. The analysis of the framework is based on tape recordings of classroom lessons in the teaching of English as a second language (ESL) in Germany and on observations during a project on bilingual education in Wales. Descriptors: Classroom Communication, Communicative Competence (Languages), Creative Dramatics, Elementary Secondary Education

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